Nutcracker is a beloved holiday classic; Scarecracker is its spooky, modern-day cousin.  Our heroine is Cora, a mischievous girl whose Halloween party takes a turn for the weird when her witchy Aunt Druscilla shows up and concocts a very special candy called the Halloween Sweet.


Druscilla warns Cora not to eat more than one of the magical treats.  But late that night, after the party ends, Cora sneaks downstairs and gorges herself, kicking off a supernatural adventure.  Cora teams up with the pumpkin-headed Scarecracker Prince to defeat the evil Raven King, then journeys to the Land of the Creeps for a banquet celebration attended by ghouls from all over the world: Romanian Vampires, Irish Banshees, Chinese Dragons and more.


Scarecracker blends a wide variety of dance styles with special effects and narration to awaken the Halloween spirit in audience members of all ages.